New Cue Cards Released for May to August 2020

New Cue Cards Released for May to August 2020:

1. Describe a social networking platform that you use. You should say:

·         what it is,

·         why you use it,

·          how you use it,

·          and what benefits it offers you.

2. Describe an activity that you enjoy that takes place in or near water. You should say:

·         How you prepare for the activity,

·         where it takes place,

·          what the activity involves,

·         describe how you enjoy this activity.

3. Describe an event when you felt really happy. You should talk about:

·         What the event was,

·         when it occurred,

·         why it was a happy and memorable event for you,

·         describe the event.

4. Tell us why you are taking IELTS. You should say:

·         Where you are from,

·         what score you are hoping to get,

·         and what you want to do once you get the score you needed.

5. Talk about a time when you gave someone a compliment. You should say:

·         whom you complimented,

·          why what you said to them and why,

·          how they reacted to your compliment,

·          and why complimenting others is important for stop

6. Describe a gift that someone gave you. Say:

·         What they gave you,

·         why they gave it to you,

·         how you felt about this person giving you the gift.

7. Describe a subject you enjoyed studying when you were at school. Say:

·           why you enjoy it,

·           how you use what you learned then in your life now.

8. Describe your experience of visiting a museum, and tell us:

·         when you visited the Museum,

·         what you saw,

·         how you felt.

9. Describe an activity you have been doing a lot of recently. Say:

·         what the activity is,

·          why you have been doing it a lot recently,

·         and explain how you feel about doing more of this activity recently.

10. Describe a sports event you enjoyed watching. You should say:

·         what event you watched,

·         where you were,

·         who you watched it with,

·         why you loved watching it.

11. Describe the time when someone helped you. You should say;

·         who helped you and why,

·         who this person help you,

·         what the result was,

·          and explain how you felt about this person helping you.

12. Describe a time when you learn something new from a social media website. You should say:

·         when this happen,

·         which site you visited,

·         what you learn,

·         and explain how you often social media helps you to learn new things

13. Describe someone you know and admire. Say:

·         who this person is,

·         what type of character he or she possesses,

·         and explain why you enough admire him or her.

14. Describe an interest or hobby that you enjoyed. You should say:

·         where you do it,

·         who you do it with,

·         and why you enjoy it.

15. Describe the holiday you would like to go on if money were no object. You should say:

·          where you would go,

·         who you would go with,

·         what you would do,

·         and explain why this would be your ideal vacation.

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