The Canadian immigration processing fees is going to increase in 2020

The Canadian immigration department is going to hike visa fees at the end of April for those who want to apply for PR (Permanent Resident). However, fees will remain the same for those applicants who apply before 30 April 2020.

The fees include operational, processing, and service delivery costs, but it does not cover other possible expenses such as costs of documents, language tests, translations, and more related to your application.

Although the fees will remain unchanged for permanent resident cards, permanent resident travel documents, and certification or replacement immigration documents.

The purpose of these changes is to create a balance between the costs of providing service and fees paid by the immigrants to come to Canada as a Permanent resident. The aim is to make a balance between the taxpayer and the applicant applying for Canadian immigration. Further, IRCC has stated that there will be an increase in fees of immigration visas in 2022, and these changes will be according to the Consumer Price Index.

The increase in Processing Fees for permanent residents is: 

1. The fees hiked by 50% for the Principal applicants of the Economic business class from $1,050 to $1,575, and this group includes self-employed, start-up visa, Quebec investor, Quebec entrepreneur, and Quebec self-employed.

2. There will be the same percent increase for the Economic non-business class that is from $550 to $825 except the Caregivers programs.

3. the fees for the spouses or common-law partners belonging to economic class will go up from $550 to $825.

4. There are also fees increase from $150 to $225 i.e. 50% for Dependent children of all economic classes.

5. However, there is only a 2% hike in the fees to apply for Permanent Resident Visa (i.e. Express entry) from $490 to $500.

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