Tips to improve your IELTS score

Many students around the world have dreams to pursue their higher education in foreign universities so, in order to achieve their dream, they give IELTS exam to show their proficiency in the English language which is necessary to take admission. While some clear their exam in the first attempt, others unable to clear it even after giving the exam several times. Therefore, they feel depressed in their lives. In order to help these students, there are some tips which may be useful for them in clearing their paper.

Besides, these tips are only helpful when you have a basic understanding of the English language means you must have a "B" level in it.


How to improve:

Try to improve your vocabulary by reading books and other literature. Besides, listen to native speakers so that you can understand more and keep practicing until your understanding become natural. To do so, you can hear interviews, documentaries, and films, with or without English subtitles. If you did not understand any word or sentence, you can pause and repeat the recording again and again. Always try to note down the words and their meanings that you didn’t understand immediately and review them after some time. At times, speakers do not say directly what they want to say, so try to understand these conversations. Last, build a strategy to crack these types of talks.


 How to improve:

The only way to improve your English language skills is to read various types of texts with some academics that are in your syllabus. When you do reading always try to build strategies that assist you in achieving a high score, such as making decisions which part(s) you are going to attempt quite carefully and which parts to read more quickly. Before starting your reading, always read the heading of the paragraph so that you can make a prediction or guess what a writer is going to talk about in it. Besides, try to find keywords because these would assist you in finding a correct solution and re-read until you're confident enough to answer any question. 


How to improve:

Always practice writing by attempting different questions on various topics and try to make new arguments while writing. When you write make sure that you cover all the points with relevant support and examples. If you do not know how to write or attempt an essay, then read our Writing Tutorials. After writing, re-read your work to check any errors in it, and is there any room for correction not only in ideas but also in the grammar. Further, use collocations, conjunctions, and connectors for smooth transition of sentences and always make paragraphs so that examiners can better understand your ideas where it started and where it finished. Also, develop your vocab to avoid repetitions and to create a different tone for a sentence. Practice numerous sentence structures by witing it, and if you make any mistakes while writing, just check how you can eliminate them. You can learn different sentence structures with examples.


How to improve:

If you hesitate while speaking, try to practice with your friends and family members to eliminate your hesitation. Try to think about new topics that you do not know well, and learn related vocabulary. Further, write long sentences by using new words that you learned and arrange them in order. Also, you can combine two simple sentences to make a compound sentence. Moreover, read aloud in front of a mirror that you wrote. Do this exercise several times a day with or without text that you have written. Focus on the vocabulary while speaking and speak words together that are a combination of words without stopping in between. At last, listen to English programs as many as you can as it helps in improving pronunciation.

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