What is Duolingo English test?

Duolingo English test details

The Duolingo test is similar to IELTS and TOFEL test used to examine the English language proficiency of candidates, and it is accepted by many universities in the United States and Canada. However, this test can be taken on demand, unlike the other two tests where you have to apply for it months before the exam. 

 What is Duolingo test?

The Duolingo English Test is a measure of English language ability as stated earlier. The main feature of this test is its accessibility, you can take this test at any time and anywhere by sitting at home, and it is available 365 days. 

It is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) delivered via the internet. Moreover, you do not need to go to test centres, so it saves a lot of hassle of going to these centres. Besides, it takes only an hour to complete the entire process of the test such as onboarding, test administration, and uploading. The result is declared within two days, and you can send the unlimited number of test reports to any universities without any extra cost. The cost of the test is $49, which is much cheaper than the other tests.

Requirements for giving Duolingo test:

It is an online test so you should have the following facilities:
1. a photo ID proof issued by the government.
2. a quiet and comfortable place to give the exam without any interruption.
3. a computer system (i.e. a laptop or desktop) with an active internet connection.
4. a webcam if you are using a desktop.
5. a compatible browser such as chrome and opera.

Rules for giving Duolingo test:

They have created a strict protocol for this exam as your browser is locked after onboarding means you cannot navigate to any other tab. However, if you do so, they will cancel your exam and all plugins must be disabled of the browser. Furthermore, there is a list of behaviours that are prohibited while giving the Duolingo English Test. The list is given below:

• You cannot interact with anyone during the exam.  
• cannot allow other people in the test room.
• you not allowed to use headphones or earbuds. 
• you cannot disable the microphone or camera as well as move out of the frame of the camera. 
• cannot leave the web browser and lock the screen of the computer. 
• cannot access any outside material or devices. 

Proctoring and Reporting:

When your test has been completed and uploaded, it is reviewed by the human proctors with TESOL/applied linguistics expertise with an aid of artificial intelligence to detect any suspicious behaviour. If they found any unusual behaviour, they will cancel your test. This whole process takes almost 48 hours to complete after giving your exam. 

When this proctoring process has been completed, the result is sent electronically to the candidate and to institutions in which they want to apply. They can send an unlimited number of reports without any extra fees. 

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