Writing Tutorials for IELTS with sample essays

Writing tutorials for IELTS 

It is quite difficult to get authentic information for writing task as many people advise to cram the structure of it and others say, learn a lot of difficult vocabulary words which will help students to clear their IELTS exam. However, when the result declared, they are unable to achieve the desired band scores, and they feel depressed in their lives for not achieving their target score. 

Moreover, the internet is flooded with a lot of information, so it becomes quite difficult for learners to sort which data is correct and according to the set standards of the IELTS exam. Consequently, they trap into the myths that are spread around the globe, and they blame the examiners for not giving them the score they deserve. 

Here, I am going to provide complete writing tutorials with sample writing tasks.  

  • IELTS Band descriptor for writing task  - I should know about the criteria of scores before starting the IELTS preparation. Besides, you come to know how scores are divided according to the four criteria such as Task Response, Coherence & Coherence, Lexical Resources, and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. These are the key criteria on which your writing is accessed.
  • Tips to improve your IELTS score - It is a brief explanation about various points that are necessary to focus on to increase your band score in IELTS. Besides, there is a separate analysis of each point for all for sections.
  • Various Myths about IELTS - Myths! everyone who is preparing for the exam has heard about these rumours and those who are going to start their preparation will hear about them. In this section, numerous rumours which are in the market are listed and be sure that you should not believe in this false information. 
  • How to plan 7+ band essay - Planning is one of the important aspects of writing a flawless essay because it not only help you in organizing your thoughts but also improves your cohesion and coherence. You can learn how to plan an essay in detail with examples so that it becomes easy for you to understand it. Also, model answers are also given for a deep understanding of the concept.
  • Different types of essay structures and how to solve them? - Everybody knows that you should follow particular guidelines while writing an essay. These structures will help you in identifying the type of essay and how to solve it to get maximum marks. It is explained with the help of examples to make a better understanding of the same.     
  • Different types to Sentence Structures For IELTS - There is a complete tutorial on how to write various types of sentences and explained them with the help of examples so that you can better understand them. After reading this section you can efficiently write different types of sentences without any effort.
  • Step by step explanation for writing an essay - Want to write a perfect essay! Here are the different steps explained that are required to write an effective essay with the help of examples and further links are provided to read more similar tasks. 

Other Tutorials for IELTS
  • Listening Tutorials with Examples: Different tips and tricks are explained with the help of examples so that you can understand it easily. In these tutorials, MCQs, heading finder etc. are explained and after reading them, your score will improve significantly.
  • Reading Tutorials with Examples: In this, a brief introduction about Reading, and also explained different type of questions that come in the test with examples. Besides, various methods are explained so that you can easily attempt this test.  
  • Recent IELTS exam questions - There is a list of exam questions that are reported by the students around the world and it is updated from time to time so that you can get updated information. Recent exam questions help you to check your level of preparation with current questions.
  • Grammar - One of the most essential part to correctly write any task and also it is listed in the band descriptor list. You should have a thorough knowledge of this to gain a maximum score. Moreover, various grammar rules are explained with examples so that you can understand easily and apply these rules effectively with fewer efforts.

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