How to approach an Essay (Writing task 2)

When you write an essay, there are numerous constraints applied such as time, planning, word count and many more. You must take into account these small things while writing to achieve a maximum score in this task. Although some learners think that these have little impact on writing, these are quite effective in achieving band 7 or above.

How to approach an essay?

If you want to write the task to the point with relevant support and examples, you should follow a certain approach. Here, I am going to tell you different constraints that may help you to achieve the desired band score.

1. Plan your task
2. Time Management
3. Word count

1. Plan your task: Planning is one of the fundamental characteristics of perfectly writing an essay as it will help you in organizing your thoughts as well as improve the cohesion and coherence. It keeps you to stay focused by reducing your anxiety level, and you can also write topic related vocab which is quite vital to gain a high score. At last, it becomes easy to find errors in the essay, which saves a lot of time of yours, and you can utilize it in proofreading. If you want more detail about planning, then I have already explained how to plan an essay?

2. Time Management: Time plays a crucial role in exams not only while writing but also for other tasks. If you are not able to complete your task on time, then it will be going to affect your score. So the main question is how to distribute time while writing and manage it in the examination hall? 

How to distribute time for writing task?

For writing task, you have 60 minutes to complete it, and in this, there are two tasks writing task 1 and writing task 2. According to experts you have to divide time into 20 minutes and 40 minutes for both tasks respectively. Here I am only going to talk about task 2.

You should spend your time as follows:
  • Reading Statement (2 mins): You should spend two minutes reading the given statement and mark the keywords. It will help you in recognising the question type and assist you in achieving maximum marks in Task Achievement.
  • Planning (5 mins): It is a crucial part of an essay because it will decide what your score will be in the test. Initially, it will be quite difficult to plan the essay within 5 minutes, but if you practice regularly, it can be managed easily. If you are planning for the first time, then you can take up to 10 minutes. 
  • Introduction (5 mins): In this part, you have to rephrase the given question and write your plan in brief, so 5 minutes would be enough for this point to explain it.
  • Body Paragraphs (10 mins): In the body paragraphs you explain your ideas and give support to your ideas with example. You have to write more words in these paragraphs; therefore, you should spend maximum time in this part of the essay. 
  • Conclusion (5 mins): In this section, you restate your ideas and opinion. So 5 minutes are enough for it to rewrite properly.
  • Proofreading (3 mins): Many students did not do proofreading after writing their tasks, which put a harmful impact on their scores. If you read your task after writing, you may find some errors in the form of spelling and grammar. Thereby you can improve your score by eliminating these.

3. Word count: Usually, it is written on the paper about how many minimum words you should write so that your marks did not deduct, and the word count is 250. However, many experts do not recommend to only write 250 words because examiners deduct similar words means repetition. Therefore, it is always recommended to write between 270 to 280 words and it is the ideal range.
  • Introduction: 40 to 50 words
  • Body Paragraphs: 90 to 100 words
  • Conclusion: 40 to 50 words
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