How to plan an 7+ band essay. (Writing task 2)

Everyone in this world wants to achieve a good band score in the IELTS writing exam, but many of them did not able to get it. The main reason behind this is that they do not plan their task before writing. Besides, they write whatever comes to their mind at that time without taking logic and other aspects into account. Therefore, their essay becomes a complete mess and do not meet the Task Achievement criteria made by IELTS. 

Why planning an essay is prevalent?

Planning is one of the important aspects of writing a flawless essay because it not only help you in organizing your thoughts but also improve your cohesion and coherence. It keeps you stay focused by reducing your anxiety level, and you can also write topic related vocab which is quite vital to gain a high score. At last, it becomes easy to find errors in the essay, which saves a lot of time of yours, and you can utilize it in proofreading.

How to plan a perfect Essay?

The first part of planning an essay is to identify the question type whether it is opinion type, discussion type, both opinion & discussion type or question type. If you do not know how to identify the type of an essay then you can read different types of essay structures

For example: In some countries, people prefer to rent a house than buy for accommodation. Is renting a house has more benefits or drawbacks than buying a house?

In this task, the examiner asked the candidates whether it has more benefits or drawbacks and also write their give your opinion on it.

Mark the keywords of the given task because it is necessary to address all parts of the task to gain maximum score in the task achievement. 

Here, the keywords are; rent a house, buy house, benefits, drawbacks, own opinion.

Planning: While planning you should write briefly about your ideas, supporting points and relevant examples. If you want to know in detail about them then read to blog. 

For exampleIn some countries, people prefer to rent a house than buy for accommodation. Is renting a house has more benefits or drawbacks than buying a house?

In this task, you should think about at least two ideas with relevant support and examples.  

There are two methods of planning either you can simply write your ideas and arrange them while writing or you can arrange them while planning. It entirely depends on you which method you choose. However, I would recommend the second method because it requires fewer efforts while writing the essay.


Intro: Rephrase the question and state your plan with your own opinion.
BP1: rent house, no need to pay a hefty amount, monthly rent, pay in instalments, freedom to shift, saves money.
BP2: buy a house, own rules, no restrictions, personal satisfaction, feel confident.
Conclusion: summerise key points and restate your opinion.


Idea: do not have to pay a hefty amount in one go.
Support1: give a small amount of monthly rent.
Support2: easy to pay.
Example: Ludhiana, rent, less amount.

Idea: your own rules.
Support1: no restriction of landlords.
Support2: gives personal satisfaction and confidence.
Example: India, people, illogical boarding.

So, these are the two methods and you can choose any depending on your convenience. You can read the model essays.


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