IELTS Listening Labelling a diagram

IELTS Listening labelling a Diagram

Solving a map or plan is tricky, and the score in this section entirely depends on how efficiently you can follow the directions. Some students find it difficult to solve because they are not able to comprehend instructions given by the speaker. So, how to solve it? Is there any trick to attempt these type of questions? What is the step by step procedure?

Diagram can come in any section of the listening test, but it usually comes in section 2. There are approximately five to six questions come in it, and the examiner asks you to fill in the blanks either by giving you directions or explains the procedure/plan. Therefore, to solve them you should learn about the directions (i.e. North, East, West, South).

IELTS Listening Labelling a diagram
Source: Cambridge English IELTS Past Papers

How to attempt these types of questions?

  1. First, read the instructions given at the start of the section.
  2. Mark the keywords by carefully reading the given questions.
  3. Before solving, look at the diagram and understand its layout.
  4. Locate the questions numbers because these may be shuffled.
  5. The starting point is always given in it, and the speaker always starts instructions from this point.
  6. Keep certain vocabulary words in the mind such as in front of, behind, to the left, to the right, and directions.
  7. Listen with full concentration and navigate your self around the diagram.
  8. The speaker speaks all the answers are in order.
  9. predict your answers according to the question i.e. street, building, park etc.
  10. Always visualize the talk as it would be easy for you to solve it.
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