IELTS Listening Tutorials with Examples

IELTS Listening Tutorials with Examples 

Listening is a fast module in the IELTS exam, and it is one of the difficult parts of the exam because it requires a lot of concentration to clear it. In this section, you have to write the answers while listening to the audiotape, and it is played once only.  You are not allowed to listen to the tape again even if you do not understand any part of the talk. So, you have to pay attention to this module in particular. 

Here, I have explained different types of questions that may come in the listening test with examples and these tutorials may help you to score high in the IELTS test. 

Introduction about the IELTS listening test

The listening test is the same for both Academic and General module with the similar scoring criteria
  1. The duration of this test is 40 mins which include 30 mins for audiotape and rest time to write your answers to the answer sheet.
  2. When you listen to the tape you have to write answers on the given question booklet, not on the answer sheet. 
  3. They will give you time to write your answers on the answer booklet. 
  4. If you write answers directly to the answer booklet while listening then they might cancel your test and even ban you from giving the test.
  5. Before starting the test, they will give you the instructions, so listen to them carefully to avoid any mishappening. 
  6. The test consists of four parts each containing 10 questions each.
  7. In the first section, there is a conversation of two people on any general topic.
  8. In the second and third section, there is a talk between two or three individuals on any topic such as education, thesis, renovation of building and training context
  9. In the last section, they talk on academic subject such as environment, climate change, biodiversity etc.
  10. At the start of each section, the instructions (i.e. no more than two words or no more than three words) will be given, so read them carefully before attempting the answers.
  11. There will be a time at the start of each section to read the questions.
  12. You will be given no marks for the wrong spellings so write them carefully.

Tutorials for IELTS Listening Test

  • Tips to improve your IELTS score - It is a brief explanation about various points that are necessary to focus on to increase your band score in IELTS. Besides, there is a separate analysis of each point for all for sections.
  • Various Myths about IELTS - Myths! everyone who is preparing for the exam has heard about these rumours and those who are going to start their preparation will hear about them. In this section, numerous rumours which are in the market are listed and be sure that you should not believe in this false information. 
  • IELTS Listening Labelling a Diagram: In this article, I explained how to attempt labelling a  diagram questions with examples, and what type of problems you may face while solving these types of questions.
  • How to attempt Multiple choice questions: Mcqs are one of the most difficult parts to solve in the listening test, and many students find it difficult to solve. In this part, I tried to explain this question type in an easier way so that you can understand it effortlessly. 

Other Tutorials for IELTS
  • Writing Tutorials with Examples: In these tutorials, I have explained different type of sentences, 7+ band writing structure, writing band descriptor etc. with the help of examples so that you can understand it easily.  Consequently, these tips and tricks will help you in improving your band score. 
  • Reading Tutorials with Examples: In this, a brief introduction about Reading, and also explained different type of questions that come in the test with examples. Besides, various methods are explained so that you can easily attempt this test.  
  • Recent IELTS exam questions - There is a list of exam questions that are reported by the students around the world and it is updated from time to time so that you can get updated information. Recent exam questions help you to check your level of preparation with current questions.
  • Grammar - One of the most essential part to correctly write any task and also it is listed in the band descriptor list. You should have a thorough knowledge of this to gain a maximum score. Moreover, various grammar rules are explained with examples so that you can understand easily and apply these rules effectively with fewer efforts.

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